Introduction of our New Products 2017/8

1.  Optic Overfill Sensor
2.  Dry Break Kamvalock 50 mm & 80 mm,
3.  API Dust Cap,
4.  Ball Valves 80 mm & 100 mm,
5.  Milk Vent,
6.  LPG Dry Break Coupling 50 mm & 80 mm,

1. Optic  Overfill  Sensors

Optic sensors have prisms which are affected by heat, materials carried, and deposits.

With the above in mind we now have a sensor with a glass prism (Optic), and resistant to heat,

(up to 125 Degrees C for short periods) and a variety of    “Quick fit”   holders.


  1.  Our holders are designed for quick and easy removal, less than 5 seconds per sensor !
  2.  Holders are made of 316L  grade Stainless Steel & is resistant to most chemicals.
  3.  Sensors can be ordered to any length required.
  4.  Seals are all made of  Encapsulated PTFE

Holders are available,  flanged 130 BCD,  and  threaded male  2” NPT,  2” BSP.


2. Dry Break Kamvalock

This Dry Break Kamvalock Coupling  provides a virtuatily spill free disconnection,

which improves working and environmental conditions


3. API Dust Cap

New Stainless Steel Gr 316  100mm API Dust Cap with Lockable Handles and Quick Release Lever with attached chain

This Fits all API Couplings


4. Ball Valves 80mm & 100mm

New AMF Manually Operated Stainless Steel Gr 316 Ball Valves with handle

and flanged outlet

5. Milk Vacuum Vent

New AMF Milk Vacuum Vent  316 Stainless Steel

6. LPG Dry Break Coupling 50mm & 80mm

New 316 Stainless Steel AMF LPG Dry Couplings are specifically designed for the

safe transfer of LPG vapour.